Spiritual Gifts (Charisms)

  1. The Word of Knowledge:   a revelation of a word or information for a person or a situation that could not have been known by any natural means.  It could be a revelation that reveals secret thoughts or intent of a person, a word of healing or freedom being accomplished by the Lord, or simply God’s diagnosis of a problem. 
  2. Gift of Healing:   The touch or move of God that brings about or speeds up a healing process.  There are many different ways and varieties or degrees in which God manifests healing either spontaneously or in answer to prayer.
  3. The Gift of Miracles:  The demonstration of the power and action of God that goes beyond natural laws, as, for example, in instantaneous healing, in a sudden change of heart, or the supplying of something that was missing, e.g., the ability to see without eyes, to walk with a broken spinal cord. 
  4. Prophecy:  The speaking forth of the mind and heart of God, to encourage, exhort, comfort, build up or strengthen. It is the appropriate word of God being communicated to people at this particular set of circumstances.
  5. Discerning of Spirits:  The ability to judge through a situation to see what spirits are operative: the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit or the human spirit, or what combination of spirits.  It is the ability to discern or see clearly the truth of the circumstance.
  6. Tongues:  The prayer language given to a believer by the Holy Spirit but it has never been learned and it is not known by the speaker.  It is a love language between the individual and the Lord in which the Spirit within expresses the prayer of praise, petition or deliverance. It is the ability to pray when we no longer know the words to say as we praise or intercede. 
  7. Interpretation of tongues:  It is not translation but gives the sense of a message spoken in tongues to the assembly.  It may be inspired prayer or praise to God or a message similar to prophecy, that is able to capture the attention of the believer to recognize the presence of God. It may also reveal hidden things about a person’s life or intentions.
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